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Erasmus+ Mobility


Erasmus+ Programme offers for staff, teachers and administration staff a possibility of teaching and further education. The mobilities are promoted at European higher education institutions, foreign companies and organisations. The staff from foreign companies and organisations can also come to teach at the UCTE. 

The Erasmus+ Mobility (Teaching Assignment - STA or Staff Training - STT) has to include at least two days and it can last maximum two months. The Erasmus+ Mobility should represent the enhancement and the enrichment in the teaching curriculum of both sides. 


The particular knowledge of experts can be shared and forwarded to the students, teachers and/or administration staff by mutual exchange from both institutions. Based on transnational cooperations the synergies can be produced, not only for personal development but also for achieving the professional competences. Erasmus+ Mobilities can be performed at partner institutions of the UCTE, institutions in 28 European Union countries and also in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey and former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.


Therefore the performance of Erasmus+ Mobilities for staff and administration staff is incorporated in the internationalization strategy. The corresponding application forms for the Erasmus+ Mobility can be also found in the Office for International Affairs.




Financing of Mobility

By the Erasmus+ Mobility the costs of travel will be calculated according to the daily rate. The costs of travel will be covered at the distance of 100 km. Here you can find information about the hight of support and contract regulations. Further information concerning Erasmus+ Mobility in higher education you can find here.



As a basis for the Erasmus+ Mobility serve

  • the Grant Agreement (Signature: Staff and Head of the Office for International Affairs) and
  • the Mobility Agreement (Signature: Staff, Head of the Office for International Affairs and Receiving Institution).

The Mobility Agreement contains content of the lessons or content of further education, the goal of staying at a guest institution, the expected results and also additional values. The corresponding Mobility Agreement will be made after the nomination together with the staff and the Head of the Office for International Affairs.

The selection of applicants
The following requirements (determined for the UCTE together with the rectorate)for different kinds of Erasmus+ Mobilities for teachers, staff and administration staff are needed:

  • relevant professional qualifications
  • very good knowledge of the procedure, offers and structure of the UCTE
  • sufficient language qualifications, to be able to hold lectures in foreign language, to follow the offers of further education and to be able to join the discussion in a foreign language

The people who want to take part in the Erasmus+ Mobility will be chosen together with the rectorate.



Before the Erasmus+ Mobility an applicant has to

  • bring the application form to the Office for International Affairs
  • contact the Head of the Office for International Affairs
  • contact the partner institution, the foreign company or organization
  • fill in the Grant Agreement
  • fill in the Erasmus+ Mobility Agreement (after the application an agreement in docs file is sent to the staff via e-mail)
  • organize the low-price travelling and accomodation
  • bring travel authorization request (TAR)
  • contact the partner institution


Erasmus+ Mobility

  • Confirmation of the receiving institution


 After completing the Erasmus+ Mobility

  • To give the statement of travel costs (the original statement)
  • To submit the Erasmus+ Mobility Agreement
  • To fill in the participant report
  • To fill in the online report which should be sent after the nomination to Mobility-Tool through the Office for International Affairs


The Office for International Affairs should receive the individual short report about the performed Erasmus+ Mobility which will be posted on the homepage of the Office for International Affairs.

Staff internationalization


On this page you can find information about international events of our partner institutions.

If you are interested in some offer at one of our partner institutions and you want to be a part of it, do not hesitate to come to the Office for International Affairs.

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