Last update: 02 October, 2017


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On this page you will receive the newsletters concerning Erasmus+ activities from:

  • Austrian National Agency for Lifelong Learning - OeAD
  • Austrian Ministry of Science, Research and Economics (EHR).

You will find as well information prepared from German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

If you are interested to have more information about Erasmus+ activities, please click pictures below.




Erasmus+ Opportunities and Informations of National Agency Lifelong Learning

Here you can find Erasmus+ information concerning higher education.

Erasmus+ and funding opportunities

Erasmus+ and mobilities

Erasmus+ and strategic partnerships

Erasmus+ und Wissensallianzen

Erasmus+ and Joint Master Degrees

Erasmus + and Capacity Building

Erasmus+ / Bologna Process and European higher education area

Erasmus+ and thematic initiatives in higher education

In here you will find information concerning entire education as well as about recognition and thematic initiatives. Erasmus+ and overall education (school education, higher education, education for adults)