Academic Year 2016/17

Winter term 2016/17

Beginning of term:01/10/2016
End of term: 31/01/2017
General application period:11/07/2017 until 05/09/2016
Extended application period:06/09/2016 until 30/11/2016

Summer term 2017

Beginning of term:01/03/2017 
End of term:30/06/2017
General application period:09/01/2017 until 05/02/2017
Extended application period:06/02/2017 until 30/04/2017
Holidays / Legal Holidays
Christmas Holidays:22/12/2016 until 07/01/2017
Semester Break:01/02/2017 until 28/02/2017
Easter Holidays:10/04/2017 until 22/04/2017
Summer Holidays:01/07/2017 until 20/09/2017
no lectures and exams:
Sundays and legal holidays
Regional holiday:10/10/2016
All Soul’s Day:02/11/2016 
Saturday before03/06/2017
and Tuesday after Pentecost06/06/2017 

Deadlines for application periods for the academic year 2016/17

Winter term 2016/1701/06/2016
Summer term 201701/12/2016

Winter term 2016/17

Beginning of term for incoming students19/09/2016