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Dear students, dear staff,

here you can find information about international co-operations of our institution, partner institutions, latest news from our office as well as all necessary information for incoming and outgoing students and staff.


The Office for International Affairs of the University College of Teacher Education is coordinating international cooperation in the field of education with its partner institutions (universities and university colleges) and business partners.


The Office for International Affairs manages mobility programmes for students and staff as well as organizes international meetings in education hosting pedagogy experts from all over Europe as well as non-European countries. In addition to that, the office provides support services for international incoming students and staff, and guidance for outgoing students and staff to plan their study abroad.


The University College of Teacher Education has a lot of agreements  with European and non-European universities or university colleges and schools. New collaborations are being developed to offer even better network of partners to our students and staff.


To give you a small impression about the place you are going to visit, please read this short information about Klagenfurt. Klagenfurt am Wörthersee is the capital of one of the nine Austrian counties - Carinthia. This town has nearly 100.000 inhabitants. Klagenfurt lies not only at the great Lake Wörthersee, but also between the Alps and the Sea, near to Slovenia and Italy (Alpe-Adria-Region).


It is located in the triangle of the three different cultures: Austrian, Italian and Slovenian. Those who are sportive can do sports during the four seasons. The whole year you can find cultural events, not only in Klagenfurt but in the whole Carinthia. Carinthian people are very open-minded and friendly, they like to sing and you can enjoy a really good cuisine.


Further information is obtained in the brochure.




Prof. Mag. Dr. Pia-Maria Rabensteiner, BEd
Head of the Office for International Affairs
(Servicestelle "Bildungskooperationen und internationale Kontakte") e-mail


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