Cooperation with the University of Porto

Das Team von NAWImix war zum Start der Erasmus+ Kooperation in Porto 

The team of NAWImix, Bernhard Schmölzer, Sabine Seidl and Diana Radmann participated in an Erasmus+ cooperation kick-off meeting from May 16 to May 19, 2022 to initiate a sustainable international cooperation with the University of Porto and its Science Education Unit.  The University of Porto is one of the top 1% universities globally and famous for it’s thrive to blend not only different realms of science but also form synergies with arts and music. Input activities such as lectures given to chemistry Master students carried out by the NAWImix – staff were heartily welcomed by the University of Porto. Summing up, it can be said that the expected outcome and the investigated input yielded into a new international partner university for the University of Teacher Education Carinthia. Both institutions, the University of Porto and the University of Teacher Education Carinthia will now benefit from this new scientific network to share and reflect experiences and create future projects, which have been initiated already.


Fotokennung: PHK/NAWImix