The International Meeting 2019 will take place from 21.October, 2019 till 25. October, 2019.

International Meetings... A short timeline

In the transition year 2006/2007, the further opening of the university towards other university education institutions was considered in addition to the redesign of the Bologna compliant curricula of the UCTE, which should be used for the first time in the academic year 2007/08. Because of the contacts with European education institutions - universities and schools - as well as the organizational experience, the Head of the OIA was asked to host an international meeting in January 2007. 


Based on this international meeting, where decision makers from ten European countries participated to discuss and engineer cooperation opportunities at different planned- and research projects for the new generation of programmes of the European Union 2007-2013, the International Meetings developed. 


Since 2007, these International Meetings have been held at the UCTE every year in autumn and accepted by the international partners increasingly and with pleasure. In 2008, already 30 people from 13 countries attended. In addition to the introduction and visualizing of the institutions, colleagues worked in workshops on planned project proposals with various main focuses in small groups and in personal exchange. 


In the year 2009 37 people (Erasmus-coordinators and project-partner) coming from 15 countries attended the International Meeting. UCTE students could at that time attend guest lectures offered by the international guest teachers. The International Meeting 2009 was evaluated by a Finnish student in form of a case study and this scientific work ended up as a Bachelor-Thesis. From year to year the International Meeting became more and more known and more and more teachers participated in the meeting. 


In the year 2012 not only European colleagues but already Chinese out of 55 participants came and attended the meeting, in the year 2013 colleagues from the Middle East and more than 60 people from 22 nations were welcomed. As part of the International Meetings the UCTE is presented to the international partners. The guests get information about the organization, the priorities, projects and collaborations of the UCTE. They also get information about study programmes for Incoming Students, about the care and support on-site, students can implement their school practice and how they are integrated and supported in everyday school life. There is enough time and space to get to know each other, exchange information and mutually to present one’s own institution. Under European colleagues the International Meeting is already known as THE Klagenfurt-network and may be called THE hub for education networks in the areas of Comenius, Erasmus, Grundtvig and Leonardo.       


The added value that teachers and students of the UCTE have through the holding of the International Meetings is that the courses (lectures / seminars), which are meanwhile being organized and offered by the participants, can be visited. These range from specific focuses of colleagues about the geography of a partner country up to study facilities at the institution. These interesting and very different course offerings are held either in English and/or German. The socializing part of the meeting - the guided tour through the centre of Klagenfurt and excursions to the border triangle Austria / Slovenia / Italy - round off the program of the International Meetings. (cf: Rabensteiner P.-M., Working for Europe as a Commitment - Implementation of the European Internationalization Strategy 2007 - 2013. in: Rabensteiner G., Rabensteiner P.-M., Internationalization in Teacher Education. Vol 1. Initiatives. Hohengehren 2014. Schneider Verlag (p. 50 ff)