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International projects

The Office for International Affairs not only initiates several international projects but as well was the coordinator and partner in different kind of programmes.

KA107 – Chile and Ukraine

The application for the implementation of the KA107 project was permitted from the OeAD – Austrian Exchange Service. For both countries it starts from October 2017 . Student- and Staff-Mobilities can be realized from and to Chile and also from and to Ukraine.

Further information you can get in the Office for International Affairs.



The National Agency Lifelong Learning approved the project "KA107 - Chile" for teachers and students for the year 2015/16 and 2016/17.



IRIS - Forstering Academic International Relations in Israeli Colleges to Promote Education, Research and Innovation

Project Nr.: 530315-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-IL-TEMPUS-JPGR

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Erasmus-Intensive-Programme "BEAM"

The Erasmus-Intensive-Programme "BEAM" was awarded by the National Agency for Lifelong Learning.

Further information you can find here.

Projekt Nr.:

1. Jahr: LLP/AT-230/29/08

2. Jahr: LLP/AT-230/15/09

3. Jahr: LLP/AT-230/24/10


Comenius-School-Partnership Programme 2009-2011

Learning, Language, Diversity through European Networking. "europe4you"

Role in the project: Initiator and Austrian Partner; 4 European countries (Austria, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom)

Project Nr.:

1. Year: LLP/AT-130/151/08

2. Year: LLP/AT-130/151/09


Youth-Cross Border-Cooperation 2006

Italy with 4 European countries

Role in the project: Coordinator of the Austrian Delegation

Project coordinator: Municipality of Udine / Italy 


Comenius-School-Development Project 2004-2007

To live Democracy in Europe with 5 European countries (Austria, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia)

Role in the project: Initiator, organizer, coordinator

Projekt Nr.:

1. Jahr: C1-04-1-SEP-K-V-1103

2. Jahr: C1-05-2-SEP-K-V-1103

3. Jahr: C1-06-3-SEP-K-V-1103

Highlight: Within this project the Austrian Federal President of the Republic of Austria attended the "Aktionstag Politische Bildung" 2005 because of this project.

Person responsible for these projects:

Prof. Mag. Dr. Pia-Maria Rabensteiner, BEd

Head of the Office for International Affairs e-mail


In download center from the EU-Programme Erasmus+ you can find all information and documents concerning new Programme