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KA107 - Projekt mit Chile

The extension of students and staff mobility to the non-European countries is possible through the Erasmus+ Programme KA107.

The cooperation with the so-called partner institutions enables the consolidation and/or development of already established cooperation between the UCTE / PHK and higher education institutions in Chile.

Students and staff receive the financial support within this project.

Student and Staff Mobilities

Ms Stefanie Bender (Colleague at the LBI*) and Mr Dr. Jochen Fritz (Rector of the LBI*) performed their Staff Mobility and visited the UCTE. Ms Stefanie Bender took part in the "Preparatory Project Meeting" in June 2016, Mr Dr. Jochen Fritz was a participant at the 10th International Meeting at the UCTE in October 2016.


During the academic year 2015/16 an Austrian student spent one semester at the LBI* as one Chilean student one semester at the UCTE.


*LBI = Deutsches Lehrerbildungsinstitut Wilhelm von Humboldt, Santiago, Chile

KA107-Project with Chile

Due to good long-term relationship with the university institutions in South America, the contacts were intensified, especially with the German Teacher Training College Wilhelm von Humboldt which represents one part of the University of Talca. 

Further mutual visits took place, the bilateral agreements were signed, students and staff mobilities were organized, before there was a possibility to apply as an institution for the KA107-Project (with Chile). The contract which was established by the Head of the Office for International Affairs and the Austrian National Agency Lifelong Learning for the academic year 2015/16 and 2016/17, was approved within the Erasmus+ Programme. Therefore, the students and staff could/can do the mobilities from and to Chile. 

Presentation of the Head of the Office for International Affairs about the International Higher Education Mobility (KA107) - National Agency Lifelong Learning, May 2015, Vienna

Further information you can find here.

Mobilities South America / Focus Chile

Accompanying documents to the realisation of the KA107-Project (with Chile) you can find here.


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