Harald Mori - Memory as a source of meaning-making renewal

Those who do not know their history are at a risk that early imprints and often unconsciously learned patterns prevent them from developing a life of their own, of being restricted by self-harming behaviour. The psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud is the best-known form of research into experiences of a positive or negative nature, that accompany the human being in its development, often with a lasting effect. Other, less depth-oriented schools of psychotherapy have set different priorities in helping people to shed light on their origins and the becoming of their personality. In addition to the search for lust and power, besides the striving for purpose and the longing for recognition and security, man is ultimately concerned with living a pleasant present and developing into a promising future. Belonging to a group/family is just as important as the individuality, which makes man unique and individual, able to defy transience. In this workshop, the participants will be presented with the basic concept of autobiographically focused personality formation and resource strengthening. The importance of our origins and knowledge of our own history is worked out together. Possible blockages and repressions are examined in a look at one's own biography from the perspective of psychotherapy science and practical solutions are developed. All too often, one's own history stands in the way of tone's personality development! The combination of Viktor Frankl's existential analysis with the family therapy concept of Harry Merl, termed by him the "dream of the successful self", gives us a good tool to draw strength from our own autobiography and to take advantage of the potential for personal renewal. Setting out, accompanied by a guide, on the path of one's memory can lead to essential discoveries of unknown abilities and potentials for everyone.

Harald Mori was born in 1962 in Klagenfurt/Wörthersee. Unfinished medical studies at the Universities of Graz and Wien, psychotherapy training (Exisistential Analysis and Logotherapy) in Wien and Fürstenfeldbruck, certified 1991. Listed at the Ministry of Health 1993. Since 1991, independent psychotherapist in Vienna. Certificate in psycho-oncology. Founder MFA-Medical Viktor Frankl Association Vienna and KIEL-Kärntner Inst. für EALT. More than 20 years trainer for psychotherapy. Since 1992, lecturer for EALT at the Psychiatric Clinic of the Medical University of Vienna. (Viktor Frankl lectures and seminar). International teaching and research in Japan, Russia, Kazachstan, and Peru. Student of and assistent of Viktor Frankl 1987-1997. Specialized in psychotherapy for gynaecological oncology (AGO Österreich), and systemic familiy therapy with Prof. Harry Merl. Viktor-Frankl-Prize winner 2007 (Förderungspreis).