Erasmus students' favourite places in Carinthia/Austria during their stay in summer term 2021

"This is my favourite photo in Carinthia and, basically it’s a view over it. This is Dreiländereck on the border with Slovenia, Italy and Austria. To come here you need to do an 8-kilometer hike up to a very big mountain so it’s difficult and when you come to this spot and see this beautiful landscape over 3 countries it stuns you very much." (Aliaksei from Belarus)

"The village of Hallstatt has beautiful landscape, with beautiful mountains surrounding Lake Hallstatt and a lovely little village. It conveys peace and tranquillity and has a wide range of colours that make you interested. Here you can appreciate the beautiful landscape of Austria, surrounded by nature and enjoy it, disconnecting from the routine and relaxing while enjoying the wonderful views and the sound of the birds in the trees. It is definitely worth visiting." (Carolina from Spain)

"Lake Wörthersee in Klagenfurt, this is my favourite place of Carinthia, it has wonderful sunsets. If you go mid-afternoon you will fall in love with this visual treat that you will not tire of no matter how many times you see it. Not only does it have beautiful scenery to see, but it also offers a multitude of activities. You can take a boat trip around the lake, you can eat or drink in restaurants overlooking the lake, you can swim in the lake on the hottest days. For the more adventurous, there is even a cycling route around the lake, an opportunity to spend an enjoyable day doing some sport." (Laura from Spain)

"Group excursion to the Villach, visiting primary school and going sightseeing and visiting lot of different cultural places. One of the best time to get together as a group and enjoy the school trip. We visited Relief of Carinthia and oldest primary school in Villach. As you can see in the picture, everyone had a great time and this was an unforgettable experience for me!" (Luka from Montenegro)

"My favourite place in Carinthia, in particular in Klagenfurt, was the lake. I know it's the most popular thing here, but it's amazing. The sunsets are spectacular, the evening bike rides around the lake make you forget about everything and sitting there watching the sunset gives you an incredible sense of peace." (María from Spain)

"The Mozartheim dorm, where I’ve been living for the past four months, might be my favorite place in Carinthia. I’ve made many memories there, and living with my friends has been one of the best experiences ever. The things that I will miss the most are the unexpected visits in my room, having lunch and dinner all together, late night conversations, the barbeques, the gatherings in the common room…Thanks to the Mozartheim I’ve lived many unforgettable moments that I will take with me forever." (Marina from Spain)

"My favorite place is Klagenfurt Alter Platz early in the morning. Mainly at the time, the atmosphere is so special here. You are surrounded with quietness and peace, old and cozy buildings and only the clocks disturb the silence announcing the time for all the pedestrians… Just close your eyes and feel the harmony. Most of all the best of coffee shop, I have ever visited, “Martin Auer” is located in this place." (Anastasiya from Belarus)

"I like the Wörthersee lake because it is very close to where I live first. I go to the lake almost every day by bike or on foot. Since the weather is getting warmer these days, I can swim in the water. It makes me so happy... This is a unique place where I rest my soul, do the activities I love, spend the most time with my friends, share the most memories, fall in love with the scenery and meet new people every day." (Sudehan from Turkey)

"This photo is very special for me. I took it during my first week in Klagenfurt, the first time I went to see the sunset on the Wörthersee lake. I remember this moment with a lot of nostalgia because, at that time, I did not know all the unique and wonderful moments I would experience there. 
From my first day in Austria, one of the things that captivated me about this country, and more specifically about Klagenfurt, was its incredible nature. Both visiting the lake during spring and having the opportunity, now in summer, to swim in its crystal-clear waters was incredible.... I spent many hours with my Erasmus friends at this lake and I know that I will always remember this place with a lot of love and affection. Klagenfurt is amazing…"
(Uxia from Spain)