Erasmus students' favourite places in Carinthia/Austria during their stay in winter term 2021/22

“My favourite place in Carinthia was the Gerlitzen mountain. It is a ski resort and it's super nice. The views there are amazing, you can see hills in arounding, Wörthersee, Klagenfurt and also Pyramidenkogel. In the winter you can go there skiing, ski touring or just hiking. There are lots of gondolas and the possibility of eating delicious Austrian food. The sunsets there are unforgettable. From Klagenfurt it is by train 1 hour under the main Gondola and by car 25 minutes on the highway.” (Barbora, Czech Republic)

My favourite place in Klagenfurt is the place, where I can almost touch the mountains, where I can fly with birds and where I am higher than the fog. That is on the top of the tower Pyramidenkogel with an amazing view to the beautiful Carinthia.” (Mija, Slovenia)

“One of the places I liked the most in Klagenfurt was the one you can see in the picture, the Klagenfurt Hut. I have very good memories of this day because it was the first week when we were all still getting to know each other. It was a very special day.“ (Paula, Spain)

"My favourite place in Klagenfurt is the lake: Wörthersee. It is a very nice place where one can go to relax and have fun at the same time. Its sunsets are gorgeous. Besides, there is a park near this lake, where we usually go for a work, for having fun. In addition, the nature and the mountains that surround it make it a breathtaking and marvelous place to visit.” (Leyre, Spain)

“My favourite place in Carinthia is Hörzendorfer See. It is a lake. When I went it was frozen and it was really relaxing and amazing to do ice skating on it. It was a great feeling that I would love to repeat. Moreover, the landscape surrounded by mountains and trees is perfect for a quiet day.” (Lucía, Spain)

“I have chosen this picture as my favourite of my stay in Klagenfurt because it is a place I used to walk around and it reminds me of how much I loved seeing snow for the first time. This place is on the way to the lake, so it is a view that I have witnessed several times, and having the trees and the water white colored is something I will never forget.” (Ana, Spain)

“This picture shows the best moment during my stay in Carinthia. There is a frozen lake, which was free for ice- skating. In the first moment, i felt scared because of the cracking sound. In the end, it was just amazing, because the surface was very big. The weather was perfect and we were able to eat on the ice and have cold or hot drinks. The lake is called ,,Längsee“, it´s about 20 minutes from Klagenfurt and it´s absolutely worth a visit.” (Henrike, Germany)

My favourite place in Klagenfurt is the Wörthersee. I enjoy having time there because you can do different things. I want to go jogging in the mornings, to walk to this lake in the afternoon and to watch the sunset during the evening. I use this place to take relax too.” (Izarbe, Spain)

“Probably, that was the day, when I was totally and completely mesmerized. Actually, it was my dream, something that was written on my personal bucket list: to see the Alps with my own eyes. It is one thing to see the Dolomites while scrolling your Instagram, and another - to watch them rearing over your head. I am from Ukraine - the country with a different kind of mountains: the way older ones and, therefore, more “low-pitched”. Our Carpathians are about mystical, humid woodland and the warm scent of moss. And the Alps… They hit different: young, high, majestical.” (Tetiana, Ukraine)

“This photo is very important for me, because it represents my first experience of teaching in front of a school class. As I had another major before, teaching at school was new for me and I am really happy to have experienced it. I came to Klagenfurt aiming to learn more about teaching and how it works in Austria, and I think I managed to do that. I will never forget my emotions at the time when this photo was taken. After attending the Teaching Practice, I am sure that I want to work with children and that is what I am the most grateful for.” (Anna, Ukraine)

“My favorite place in Carinthia, especially in Klagenfurt, is the Lendhafen. As it was warm, in September, it was a beautiful place to meet with friends, sit at the benches and talk for hours. In the winter it was the best place to go ice-skating. It is only a few minutes away from the city center and 1.5 km of the Lendkanal are completely frozen, so people can ice skate in it. It was so much fun!” (Lisa, Germany)

“My favorite place in Carinthia during this Erasmus is the Klagenfurt Hütte. The main reasons why I choose it is because of its views and landscape that left me totally impressed and secondly because of what that place means to me. It was part of the Welcome Week, a week that I remember very fondly because it was my first days in Austria and everything was new and we were all getting to know each other and in general I was very excited. That's why when I think of this place all those pleasant memories come back to me and that's why I would say it's my favorite place.” (Javier, Spain)

“My favorite place in Klagenfurt is one of the students’ dormitories, Nautilus. The building is located near Alpen-Adria University and the lake Wörthersee. If there is a need to study or go for a walk, it is a perfect spot for these activities. The place has taken a special place in my heart. I’ve found so many nice and interesting people there. Some of them have even become my close friends. I really hope they will stay in my life forever as they made my stay here one of the most unforgettable and magical periods of my life.” (Alex, Ukraine)

"I was lucky to be in Klagenfurt and Carinthia long enough to experience them in all of the seasons. Plenty of places to enjoy, but for me it was always die Karawanken. I fell in love with those mountains as soon as I laid my eyes on them on my first day here. I managed to climb Hochstuhl, Mittagskogel and Kosiak in the autumn. The views are breathtaking and rewarding. This photo of an Alpine chough was taken at the summit of Hochstuhl (2236m) on October 29." (Tomislav, Montenegro)