Mission Statement of the University College of Teacher Education UCTE Carinthia, Viktor Frankl University College UC

It is valuable and important for us

"Values cannot be taught, they need to be lived." (Viktor Frankl)

1. We are the core educational institution for student teacher training, and for the professional development and advanced training of teachers. We qualify human beings and develop systems in the area of education.

2. Our orientation focuses on a humanistic worldview and idea of humanity, whose focus is on the individual, their awareness, and their developmental needs. Our guiding light is the meaning-centered idea of man by Viktor Frankl. Specifically human is “the spiritual dimension of man”. It is the basis of free decisions of the human will. The result of this paradigm is the ability to judge situations and occurrences which results in taking up responsibility for our own actions. The spiritual dimension is the source of interest in cognition and art, feelings of ethics, social experience, awareness and understanding of values.

3. Our University College of Teacher Education is a place for meeting one another and for academic discourse. We are concerned with the whole human being; we turn to the physical, psychological and spiritual dimension. Appreciation means for us respect, approval, acceptance and care. We perceive our mission as serving mankind. 

"Realizing one’s values leads to finding meaning". Viktor E. Frankl

4. Our professionalism becomes visible by our competence in subject matters as well as in methods. Reliability, transparency, constant development of our organization and its quality are the pillars of our work.

5. We perceive student teacher training, the professional development and continuing education of teachers as continuing process of professionalism. We live the principle of life-long learning and promote life-long learning processes as an expression of human needs for further development.

6. We live variety in terms of languages and cultures. We promote regional and international co-operations and networks.

7. The assignment to do research is geared towards all teachers as well as students who are to be included in research processes. Our teaching is based on research, and our research is recognized internationally. Fields of our research include teacher training and classroom practice.

8. We take responsibility for our decisions and actions which are based on reason and values. We use our working time wisely and independently which is a factor for feeling joy while working.

The essence of humanity is being directed, be it towards something or someone, be it a piece of art or a human, be it towards an idea or a person. (Viktor Frankl)