The University College of Teacher Education-Carinthia is organized into:

  • six institutes
  • three regional teaching methodology centers
  • two departments for special needs education and inclusion, pedagogical-practical studies
  • three service centers
  • a state center for subject oriented school development
  • two partner schools for research and practice

The overall coordination and strategic development of the UCTE-Carinthia is established by regular meetings of the institute leadership conference.

For the organization of studies, two administrative sections responsible (department of primary education and department of secondary education), as well as the coordination centers for practical education in both departments.

The administration is presided over by a rectorate director.

The organizational chart was newly revised for the requirements of pedagogical education and was approved by the Federal Ministry of Education on July, 22nd, 2016.

The procedures regarding research, teaching and organization are regulated by the organizational handbook (Organisationshandbuch).