Applications for 2016/17 are possible between March 1st and May 15th through the application platform

NEW Pädagogical Education - Development Network South-East

The University College of Teacher Education is a member of the Development Network South-East. You can find more information at

All institutions of the Development Network South-East have implemented teacher training programs with identical curricula as of 2015/16. Furthermore, the selection process is the same.

General information about admission

Everyone who is interested in applying for a bachelor program in the fields of primary education and secondary education must pass an acceptance process. The acceptance process is to determine the suitability of the candidate for this course of studies and for their eventual vocation as a teacher.

The acceptance process of the University for Teacher Education-Carinthia consists of at least an online self-assessment (module A) and an electronic aptitude test (module B). Additionally, for the teacher training program in the field of primary education a face-to-face assessment is required (module C). This module involves a 15 minute interview as well as an examination of the candidate’s musical-rhythmic aptitude and physical fitness.

For the teacher training program in secondary education with a focus on “physical education”, “music education”, and “instrumental music education” specific suitability tests are also required.

A candidate must pass the entire acceptance process to be admitted into a teacher training program at the University College of Teacher Education - Carinthia.

Acceptance Process in Detail

The online self-assessment (module A), with the aid of the scientifically based program “Career Counseling for Teachers”, offers the opportunity for self-reflection and clarification by showing prospective students how well the teacher training program and the profession of teaching itself correspond with their expectations. Although the self-assessment is a required component of the acceptance process the main goal of the self-assessment is self-discovery. It is not an examination and is to be completed anonymously. The results are not graded and are only shown to the applicant.

The focus of the electronic aptitude test (module B) is to assess the cognitive, linguistic and emotional resources and competencies of the applicant with regard to the profile of requirements for an educator. Module B consists of multiple computer-based tests with an overall duration of approximately 3 hours.

The third phase of the acceptance process (module C) is only required for those applying for a teacher training program in primary education. It consists of a face-to-face interview, in which characteristics and capabilities relevant to professional and educational success are examined. Both communicative and social-emotional capabilities are part of this one-on-one conversation which lasts for approximately 15 minutes. Additionally, applicants for teacher training programs in primary education are required to complete an assessment of their musical-rhythmic aptitude and physical fitness.

Additional details can be found in the application bylaws (this information is in German):

Acceptance process bylaws 2016 primary education
Acceptance process bylaws 2016 secondary education


Applications for the school year 2016/17 are possibly between March 1st and May 15th, 2016. No applications will be accepted after May 15th, 2016.

Dates for the Admission procedure of the School year 2016/17

Module A (Self-assessment):

This online assessment can be completed independently by the applicant after registration on the online application platform ( It is a counseling program with the goal of self-reflection about their desired career. The results are for the applicant alone and do not influence the overall application result.

Module B (Computer test): June 29th to July 1st, 2016

The test lasts approximately 3 hours. You will be informed of the appointed time by E-mail before the test.

Module B can also be completed at another institution, so long as they offer the same acceptance process. A variety of choices will be offered to you upon applying at (

An application for admittance must be placed by July 12th, 2016 after successful completion of module B.

Module C (Only for teacher training programs in the field of primary education): July 13th to 15th, 2016

The test consists of a face-to-face assessment (15 minute long interview) as well as an assessment of musical-rhythmic aptitude and physical fitness. Module C must be completed at the University College of Teacher Education-Carinthia if you wish to study at the UCTE - Carinthia.

Module C will be conducted between the 13th and 15th of July. You may have to come to the UCTE-Carinthia for two of the three days. Therefore, please make sure you are free all three days. No alternative dates or grace periods will be offered!

Module C+ (only for the fields of musical education and instrumental music education for teacher training programs in secondary education)

The artistic assessment for these specific fields will take place at Graz University of the Arts between September 5th and 9th, 2016. There is a separate application for this assessment which must be submitted to the UCTE-CARINTHIA by July 31st, 2016. The teacher training program is conducted at our location in Klagenfurt in combination with the state conservatory.

Allocation of Student Placements

The number of student placements is limited for teacher training programs in the field of primary education. Student placements are awarded based upon the results of the acceptance process. For teacher training programs in general secondary education (combined course of studies with the Alpen Adria University Klagenfurt) there is no limitation on student placements.