Our Teaching Assistant 2020/21

Interview and Portrait of our Teaching Assistant 2020/21: DIONNE AGAWU 
Interview questions by Hilda Fanta

1. Dionne, you have an interesting cultural background. Can you tell us where your parents come from, where you grew up, and where you lived before you came to Austria.

“My family comes from Ghana, a country in West Africa. They moved to London in the 90s, and I was born there. However, when I was young, we moved to the US, where I have spent most of my life. Most of my time was spent in Texas, but during my university years, I lived in many different states and had the opportunity to travel quite a bit to others.”

2. What did you study for your Bachelor, and where? What was your motivation to pursue exactly this study?

Zum gesamten Interview

Dionne Agawu ist für das Studienjahr 2020/21 Sprachassistentin an der Pädagogischen Hochschule Kärnten, besonders am Institut für Mehrsprachigkeit und Transkulturelle Bildung