Erasmus+ Praktika an Österreichs Auslandsschulen

Fokus: Internationalisierung der LehrerInnenbildung an der Pädagogischen Hochschule Kärnten – Viktor Frankl Hochschule

Liebe Studierende!

Dank einer gemeinsamen Initiative mit dem BMBWF Abteilung für Auslandsschulwesen, ist es für Sie von nun an möglich, ein Erasmus+ Praktikum an einer österreichischen Auslandsschule zu absolvieren und wertvolle internationale Erfahrungen zu sammeln. Alle acht österreichischen Auslandsschulen folgen dem  österreichischen Lehrplan, der Schulabschluss ist bis auf die Europaschule in Budapest (VS und MS) die österreichische Reife- und Diplomprüfung. Es sind somit sowohl Praktika in der Primar- als auch Sekundarstufe möglich. Hier finden Sie nähere Informationen zu den Österreichischen Auslandsschulen.  

Angeboten werden zweimonatige Praktika, in der Sie die österreichische Auslandsschule kennenlernen, und während der Unterrichtsbeobachtung, -vorbereitung, Reflexion, Evaluation und dem eigenen Unterrichten von Ausbildungslehrenden der jeweiligen Schule betreut werden. Ihre Leistungen können nicht nur für Ihr Studium anerkannt werden, sondern Sie erhalten auch eine finanzielle Unterstützung zwischen 580 und 700 € pro Monat über das Programm Erasmus+.

Es besteht auch die Möglichkeit ein kurzes einmonatiges Praktikum mit einer verpflichtenden virtuellen Komponente an einer der österreichischen Auslandsschulen zu absolvieren.

Bitte nehmen Sie bei Interesse oder Fragen Kontakt mit dem Internationalen Büro der PH Kärnten auf (Elke Körner:, das Sie auch über das Bewerbungsprozedere informiert.

Wir freuen uns schon auf Ihre Kontaktaufnahme mit uns!

Ihr Team des International Office der PHK 

Pyramidenkogel excursion

On May 16 2023, in the frame of the International Meeting at PHK Erasmus students and incoming staff from the University of Siegen had an amazing opportunity to embark on a boat trip and excursion to Pyramidenkogel. 

On the way to the tower, the participants could enjoy the scenic landscapes of the lake Wörthersee. The slight rain provided a peaceful mood to the environment, making Pyramidenkogel even more attractive.

Despite the weather, the group had a great time bonding, swapping cultures, and chatting during the tour. This excursion left a lasting impression, creating valuable memories for everyone.


Aktionstage Politische Bildung 2022

As part of the "Aktionstage Politische Bildung 2022", an encounter lecture on the topic "Peace & Peace Education in Primary School" was held at Pädagogishe Hochschule Kärnten in April 2022.

The lecture was attended by both regular students of Pädagogishe Hochschule Kärnten and Incoming Erasmus+ students. This opportunity allowed students to not only learn something new, but also to exchange, get to know each other and collaborate.

Incoming students brought a personal item that brings them peace to class and explained its significance to them. Afterwards, the students were given a worksheet with the story, and they had to continue it and come up with a peaceful solution, as well as draw a poster and present it to the other students.

As a result, students demonstrated their best creative and critical thinking skills. Lastly, the students shared their peace message to the world on the bird stickers.

Welcome to the International Office-Team, Alex!

Thank you for supporting us - we are looking forward to a great and fruitful time together.

My name is Alex Kozlan. I am 22 years old and I am from Ukraine. I am in my final year of bachelor's at Chernivtsi National University. My major is Secondary Education. Previously, I had the amazing opportunity to be an Erasmus+ student at PH. Now, I am honored to be a member of the International Office team.

Without a doubt, I fell in love with Klagenfurt and its people, which is why I wanted to remain longer. However, this time I came to Austria to gain work experience and to improve my skills in responsibility, flexibility, organization and social behavior. Aside from that, I would like to meet new people and learn new things from them.

I would describe myself as a positive, kind and enthusiastic person. I believe that you are what you love and what you surround yourself with.
My passions are English and teaching. In my free time, I enjoy hiking and spending time with friends. Last but not least, I enjoy reading fiction and sometimes non-fiction books.

Buddy Service at the PH Kärnten (UCTE)

The Buddy Programme aims to make it easier for new incoming Erasmus students to start their studies in Klagenfurt. For this reason, we place a local student with incoming students for the entire semester in order to make it easier for the incoming students to arrive and to help them find their way around Klagenfurt and the PH Kärnten. One Buddy is responsible for 1-3 incoming students and receives a small financial support and a certificate for this activity. Buddies are welcome to participate in the Buddy Programme more than once.

How does a Buddy support the incoming Erasmus students?

  • The Buddy is the contact person and accompanies the incoming students in their everyday student life at the UCTE during the whole semester.
  • The Buddy shows incoming students what Klagenfurt and its surroundings have to offer culturally and scenically.


What are the advantages of being a Buddy?

  • Making international acquaintances and lasting friendships
  • The opportunity to engage in intercultural exchange and improve foreign language skills
  • The opportunity to gain a valuable reference for your CV


You are a local student and want to participate in the Buddy Programme?

Please contact the International Office Team (Diana Radmann, email:!

Sprachassistenzprogramm „Unterrichten in Europa“


For COVID-19 prevention, on 4th November 2020 the teaching at the University College of Teacher Education Carinthia was completely changed to Distance Learning.


Manual for hygiene and safety to protect against COVID-19


Useful information on Coronavirus safety measures in Austria you can find here:

Coronavirus safety measures

COVID-19 Protective Measures Ordinance


As of 15th January 2021, an electronic registration (Pre-Travel Clearance - PTC) is mandatory before entering Austria. You can find the electronic PTC registration form here.

Persons staying in regions for which a travel warning is in effect due to the COVID-19 pandemic must immediately enter a ten-day house quarantine upon entry into Austria. An early termination of the quarantine by means of a negative PCR or antigen test is possible from the 5th day after entry at the earliest.

Futher information on pre-travel-clearance.

Further information on COVID-19.

Unterrichten im Ausland - das Sprachassistenzprogramm

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