Incoming Students at PHK

Dear Incoming student,

welcome to the Homepage of the Office for International Affairs of the University College of Teacher Education Carinthia – Viktor Frankl Hochschule! Here you can find information about the first steps in Austria, what the UCTE offers to its Incoming Students and also about the Application Process.

UCTE Offers to Incoming Students

International Study Programme

The PHK/UCTE offers an International Study Programme in Education which includes the following five modules: 

  • Intercultural Encounter
  • Cultural Studies
  • Educational Sciences
  • Teacher Competencies
  • Teaching Practice – primary and secondary School 

For more detailed information about the subjects please click here!

Apart from the Courses “German for Incomings” and “Conversation German” the rest of the subjects are hold in English. For German-speaking Incomings (at least Level B2) there is the possibility to attend also regular courses. 


Welcome Week

Right at the beginning of each semester the UCTE / PHK offers an Introduction Week which includes: 

  • A German Course for Beginners and Advanced
  • Getting to know the facilities of UCTE (access to library, PH Online, institutions, Moodle)
  • Excursions in and around Klagenfurt (nature, culture and social activities)

Welcome Week Summer term 2024

As per usual, on 26th of February, the International Office Team was glad to welcome fourteen new Incoming Students. This time they were greeted from Spain and Türkiye.

Apart from receiving all the principal information and essentials, the students had a couple of enjoyable and insightful excursions during the week. One of them included a tour of the city and its landmarks, stores, institutions. The students had the opportunity to learn more about the city that would become their home for the next four months. After the expedition, it was decided to visit and support one of the local businesses - “Das Katzencafé - Cat’n’Coffee”. The place instantly became one of the students’ favourites in Klagenfurt.

The main event, though, was the walk with alpacas in the Carinthian nature. Prior to the excursion, the students were offered the chance to try Austrian cuisine in one of the traditional restaurants - “Gasthof Sonnhof” - and to briefly visit the oldest church in the region - “Dom zu Gurk”.

The last activity was spent in “Reptilienzoo Happ”, where the students could observe diverse types of reptiles that inhabit both Austrian and foreign lands. Almost all the students were brave enough to hold a snake on their shoulders.

The week turned out to be really rich in unique activities involving all kinds of animals. The students were able to gain a small insight into life in Austria and its culture and prepare themselves spiritually for the academic semester.

Welcome Week winter term 2023

On September 25th, the International Office Team of PH Kärnten had the privilege of hosting new students from diverse countries, including Belgium, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Spain, Montenegro, and Italy.

The central feature of the week was a refreshing hike to Tscheppaschlucht, nestled in the heart of Carinthia. This picturesque natural location allowed students to connect with the region's beauty and bond during lunch at the traditional Gasthof "Deutscher Peter."

Welcome Week summer term 2023

At the start of the Summer Semester 2023, we had the pleasure of welcoming a diverse group of incoming Erasmus students from Spain, Ukraine, Germany, Turkey, Montenegro, and Slovakia. The Welcome Week took place from the 27th of February until the 3rd of March allowing the students to get to know each other and the city they would be living in for the next few months. 

One of the highlights of the week was the winter excursion with alpacas, fondly called "Alpakas unterm Lindenbaum." The students were able to enjoy a snowy winter landscape while walking alongside the adorable animals. It was a truly magical experience, and the students had a great time. 

After the excursion, the students were treated to a traditional Austrian lunch at Gasthof Sonnhof, where they got to try some of the local cuisine, including Wiener Schnitzel, Pfandl, and Käsnudeln.

Another memorable activity was the visit to Gurk Cathedral, one of the oldest churches in Carinthia. The students were fortunate to appreciate the impressive Romanesque architecture while also learning about the cathedral's rich history and significance in the region.

The following day, the students explored the reptiles at Reptilienzoo Happ, where they observed the animals' behavior and habitat up close. Some of the more adventurous students even got the chance to pose for photos with a snake draped across their shoulders. 

In conclusion, the Welcome Week for Incoming Erasmus Students Summer Semester 2023 was a great success. The students experienced different aspects of Austrian culture while also forging new friendships with each other. We hope that all the students have a thrilling and enjoyable semester ahead!

Welcome Week winter term 2022

On September 26th, Pädagogische Hochschule Kärnten had the opportunity to welcome new Erasmus+ students from Spain, Turkey, Slovakia and Ukraine. During the welcome week, September 26th - September 30th, the incoming students were able to not only get acquainted with their further studies, but to discover the beauty and specialness of Austria.

One of the many things the students were looking forward to was a trip to the "Terra Mystica" mines. For students, the expedition began with a ride down a 68-meter-long miners' slide (the longest in Europe) immersing them in the underground wonderland. Seven mines allowed students to firsthand experience the underground world, with fascinating multimedia shows about the earth's origins, the realm of the underworld, the miracle healer Paracelsus, and the recreation of an original hoisting machine with a water wheel from 1831, rebuilt in 2000. A trip to the Mountain Wonderland was a one-of-a-kind experience, culminating in an 800-meter ride on a mine train back to the mine shaft elevator, which took students back to the surface.

Enthralled by the mystery of the underground world, the incomings took a walk to the old Gasthaus restaurant with a museum where they could enjoy a delicious lunch.

The students also visited the Ossiach Abbey, a former Benedictine monastery, which is the oldest in Carinthia and surrounded by the magnificent lake Ossiacher See. Ossiach Abbey is known for the Carinthian Summer, an internationally famous music festival held annually in July and August.

The "Domenig Steinhaus," of the Carinthina world-renowned architect Günther Domenig, amazed the students with its eccentricity and otherness. The Steinhaus is the world's youngest house museum. The innovative power in Günther Domenig's projects reaches a climax in the Steinhaus. Internationally, it is the best-known work of contemporary Carinthian architecture.

Welcome Week summer term 2022

A new summer semester 2022 started for us with the arrival of new international students at our university. We were delighted to welcome students from Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, and Ukraine.

The Welcome Week was held from February 21 through February 25, 2022. During the week, the students had the incredible opportunity to embark on a winter hike in the Bodental valley to the Bodenbauer inn via the gorgeous snow-covered landscape. The Bodental nature reserve is a hidden gem of nature. We passed by many mesmerizing locations and objects along the route. In particular, the ancient mill and the unique lake Meerauge. On the way back, our incoming students enjoyed lunch at the traditional Gasthof Sereinig. The students were also invited to visit a planetarium in Klagenfurt to expand their knowledge on our galaxy, the Milky Way. During the walk at lake Wörthersee it was also time to rest and to enjoyed the warm sunshine. By the end of the week, the students got the insight of the city through the guided tour around the city.

Application Process

DEADLINE for your nomination:

For winter semester: until May, 15th

For summer semester: until November, 15th

Step 1: Nomination

Step 1: Nomination

First of all, it is required that your Erasmus+ Coordinator sends a Nomination Letter to the Head of the Office for International Affairs, Prof. MMag. Dr. Diana Radmann:   Prof. Daniel Kaspurz, BSc., MSc.: 

Step 2: Email contact (PHK/UCTE – student/s)

Step 2: Email contact (PHK/UCTE – student/s)

The first e-mail to you will be sent after we have received the nomination - with a request to wait for the final decision due to the limited places and a large number of students who are willing to study at the PHK/UCTE.

Step 3: Admission

Step 3: Admission

After having received the admission to study at the UCTE you will be provided with further details concerning documents needed (f.ex. Online Application Form, Learning Agreement, Certificate of Language skills).

Step 4: Acceptance Letter

Step 4: Acceptance Letter

The Acceptance Letter will be issued along with further information about accommodation, arrival and departure dates and welcome week.

Academic Calendar

Visa Requirements and Insurance

Visa Requirements

Citizens from non-EU countries (third countries) need a visa for Austria. They must obtain a visa from the Austrian representations in their country of residence. Visas are not issued at border gates.

Please note that incoming students are responsible for applying for the visa themselves. The International Office is not involved in the application process. Since visa applications can take several weeks or months to process, please take care of your visa as early as possible.



EU nationals, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland

Students coming from the countries mentioned are entitled to the same public healthcare services as the residents of the country they are visiting. They should apply for the European Health Insurance Card at the local social security or sickness insurance office in their home countries.

Third countries Non-EU citizens

Before coming to Austria, citizens from non-EU countries must get private medical insurance covering medical assistance and hospitalization, including repatriation cover that will cover expenses incurred abroad. It is the students’ responsibility to check with their Insurance Company at home that they have adequate insurance cover for their full period of study in Austria and to get familiar in advance with policy conditions.

First steps in Austria

Obligation to register residence - Meldezettel

Every citizen in Austria is obliged to register at the new address within three days after arriving to Austria or after a change of residence.

Required documents for the registration are:

  • Fully completed registration form
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate


Kumpfgasse 20
9010 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee
Tel. +43 463 537-4030

Please make an appointment in advance (by phone, email)

Here you will find the registration form - Meldezettel

Example of how to fill in the registration form


Registration certificate – Anmeldebescheinigung

In order to reside legally more than three months in Austria, you need to apply for the so-called "Anmeldebescheinigung" at the Niederlassungsbehörde (Kumpfgasse 20, 9010 Klagenfurt). Please call the number +43 463 537 44 06 to ask for an appointment. 

This is the link where you can find the form that needs to be filled out. 

The following documents are necessary for your appointment:

  • identification card or passport (Gültiger Personalausweis oder Reisepass)
  • declaration/ statement of your parents that they provide you with sufficient financial support (means of subsistence) during your stay abroad in English or German 
  • certification of health insurance coverage 
  • confirmation of studies here (you get that in PH Online: Studienblatt​):
    1) Click on "Studienbestätigungen" >> 2) click on "Druckansicht" >> 3) print it!

In this example every line what is to be filled in is marked with a cross.