Erasmus students' favourite places in Carinthia/Austria during their stay in summer term 2022

"Personally, I find it most beautiful in the midst of the bright water of Lake Wörthersee. There you can admire the beautiful mountain panorama, the forests, and the beautiful villages during a boat trip. I really enjoyed the peace and idyll of Carinthia´s nature.” (Laura, Germany)

“I’d say that my favourite place in Klagenfurt is Minimundus, a big park which hosts the most famous buildings, monuments in miniature from different parts of the world. I think it’s a perfect place to spend a day in a different and entertaining way. The miniatures are so well done, that it’s almost like you feel to be there, for example under the Tour Eiffel, for real. This is the sensation I had when I saw some monuments from Italy that made me feel back home again. No one doubts that travelling is beautiful but, visiting Minimundus could be a solution too.” (Chiara, Italy)

“My favourite place in Klagenfurt is the city center. The architectural style of the buildings is very beautiful, and the details are very intricate, with some of them even having paintings on their fronts. Walking through the streets, seeing the monuments, and enjoying the day is one of my favourite pastimes. The cat café is also one of the places I would recommend if you came to visit, the drinks are delicious, and you can relax with cute cats.” (Tania, Spain)

“My favorite place is in Klagenfurt near the Hotel Seepark. It is a tourist path towards the church of Maria Loretto. Not so many people go there. So I can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. I also like to stop for a while and watch nature. I call it “my mind fullnes time”. The time when I feel nature, listen to the birds singing and enjoy the greenery everywhere. I like to think about everyday matters and also about philosophical topics. This spot is my favorite place. One day I would like to come and enjoy the atmosphere and nature again.” (Monika, Czech Republic)

“My favourite place in Carinthia is Bodental. First trip on our Welcome week was to this place. I have nice memories on this day, sun was shining, we were hiking a little bit and then we went to Meerauge (in the picture), it was so nice to see this small lake. Unbelievable colour of water! The colour of water is different every season in year. I have nice memories on Meerauge also on Bodental, because we were there with my new Erasmus friends and I was there also with my parents when they visited me in Carinthia, we were ski touring there. This place is beautiful!” (Eliška, Czech Republic)

“One of my favourite places in Carinthia, yet a bit further from Klagenfurt, is the magnificent Meerauge. A crystal-clear, small glacier lake embedded in the middle of the typical Austrian meadows, pasturelands, and mountains in Bodental. Meerauge is a wonderful place that I have managed to visit twice – in winter, during our Welcome Week, when the land was covered by the mantle of snow, which enchanted us by its magical, fairy-tale atmosphere, and also in May, when the invigorating colours of spring created together with the turquoise water of Meerauge an unforgettable picture that I will remember forever. I recommend everyone to plan a trip to Bodental, as there are many things to see, and I am sure you won’t regret it!” (Veronika, Czech Republic)

“It is not easy for me to choose just one favourite place in Carinthia. I fell in love with the beatiful landscape of this country (region), the famous Wörthersee lake, and also with the amazing view of the mountains around. I am really glad that I had my bicycle here with me because it enabled me to explore many lovely nearby places. In the end I chose a picture from my trip to river Drau, a place to which leads a nice bicycle track. It was in spring and the weather was perfect. I spent the whole afternoon on the meadow full of blooming flowers, totally charmed by the atmosphere of the place.” (Linda, Czech Republic)

“My favourite place in Klagenfurt is definitely the Wöthersee. It is very close to the "Alpen Adria" and can be reached on foot, by car or by public bus.  It is an ideal place in winter as well as in summer. During this course I have used my trips to the lake for different purposes. I have gone to the lake for sports like jogging, swimming or just walking. I have also been able to make picnics with my friends where I have spent the best moments of my Erasmus+ experience. I have also used the lake as a place for reflection and relaxation. Finally in this place I have seen the most beautiful sunsets. I love the lake; I am in love with it!” (Izarbe, Spain)

“My favorite place in Klagenfurt is the Europa Park due to its colours, calmness, and fresh air. I loved spending time on a blanket while reading a book or hanging with friends and drowning in conversations about life. The feeling of me being there will stay in my memory like a touch of a morning mist.” (Mija, Slovenia)

“One of my favourite places to visit since I arrived in Klagenfurt has definitely been the ski slopes of Nassfeld. I found it a beautiful place. And after a hard day of skiing, having a drink or a beer while watching the sunset is one of the best feelings. If you like winter sports this can be a very good opportunity, because apart from skiing you can also do snowboarding, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, ... I didn't get to visit this area in the summer but it must also have some beautiful views and I'm sure you can enjoy some incredible excursions. If you like the mountains and this kind of sports when you travel to Spain do not hesitate to contact me because in our area are the Pyrenees which are really incredible mountains with a multitude of peaks with more than 3000 meters.” (Paula, Spain)

“My favorite place in Klagenfurt is definitely “Wörthersee”. This lake changes the whole atmosphere of the city. All city people have fun here. You can walk, you can swim, you can chill with your family or friends. This lake, which looks beautiful in every phase of the 4 seasons, is definitely the magic of this city.” (Tolga, Turkey)