Erasmus students' favourite places in Carinthia/Austria during their stay in winter term 2022/23

"My favorite place in Carinthia is the Neuer Platz in December. It is the central square of Klagenfurt and, during this winter days, it has Christmas decoration with lovely lights. Also, there is a Christmas market with really interesting stands. The ones that I liked the most were the stands dedicated to traditional food and drinks. There I could enjoy some meals while drinking hot wine with my family and friends.
During the rest of the year, this square is also a beautiful place. There is one of the most important statues and fountains of Klagenfurt (Lindwurmbrunnen), apart from important buildings of the city."
(Alba from Spain)

"Landhaus Klagenfurt is my favorite place in Klagenfurt. I found a new angle on this location each month. It was initially one of the most beautiful architectural landmarks, but later I went to the Gasthaus restaurant and enjoyed the tastiest schnitzel of my life there. When I later went to the Wappen Saal, it was just magical. Of course, the yard also had a really delicate and elegant Christmas tree." (Yuliia from Slovakia)

"My favourite place in Klagenfurt is the lake, Wörthersee. I love spending my free time here. It is the perfect place to do sports, to relax, to meet with your friends and to see the perfect sunset. Also, the landscape is so beautiful, in special when everything is snowy. It is like the typical lake that I used to watch on the films and I was in love, it is amazing stay right now in one of them." (Andrea from Spain)

“My favourite place in Klagenfurt, without a doubt, is the lake. The first time I went there I remember I was impressed with the views, it seemed like a magical place, with wonderful sunsets. In itself, a fairytale place. During the first month of my stay here, I went with my friends almost every day. In Wörthersee I experienced some of the best moments of my Erasmus, meals, long conversations, laughs, games and sunset baths. For me, the lake is the symbol of my Erasmus and of my life these four months here, of my friends and the friendship I have formed. A place of disconnection that everyone should be able to see one day.” (Natalia from Spain)

“My favourite place in klagenfurt is the city centre, because you can do a lot of things. Is a very pleasant place where you can take a walk, have a drink and even see all the facades of the buildings that make the city centre so welcoming. During the winter season everything is decorated with Christmas decorations, and even covered with snow, which makes it look like a white blanket.

On the main square of the city centre, Neuer platz, in front of the town hall, we could find the main statue of lindwurm. And it is the point where I usually meet my friends to have a drink and then go to the shopping centre, that's why it is one of my favourite places.” (Alicia from Spain)

”My favourite place I have been this semester is the trip to Bodental, specifically the Meerauge blue lagoon. I have never seen something as special as it. It is a natural place that I am not used to see in Spain; the intensity of the colour is very special.” (Pedro from Spain)

“Personally, the most favorite place in Klagenfurt is Wörthersee. The lake was the first place I visited when I arrived in Klagenfurt, and during my stay it remained my favorite place. A large lake with blue-green water where you can swim and go boating. It is located in the middle of the mountains and that makes it look like a picture from the fairytale. The lake is beautiful in any weather, but I really want to come back to Klagenfurt in summer and enjoy it during the summer months.” (Darina from Ukraine)

“My favourite place in Klagenfurt is the lake because I find it spectacular. I think the landscape where the water mixes with the mountains is really beautiful, but what I like the most about this place is that it is always a good plan to do with friends. We can go for a picnic, a swim, a walk... or just sit there and watch the sunset, which is always beautiful when there aren't too many clouds.” (Pilar from Spain)

“Hello, Ossiacher See is my favorite place in Carinthia. This lake is Carinthia’s third largest lake. During Welcome Week, we visited this location. This place completely captivated me. What a paradise. It has beautiful landscapes and is very relaxing. It is ideal for a picnic, a walk, or swimming. I enjoy Wörthersee as well, but this location holds a special place in my heart. I visited this lake in the winter, but I’d like to return in the summer. This summer, I’m hoping to swim in this lake. I wholeheartedly recommend this lake to everyone.” (Açelya from Turkey)